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Manufacturers of Superior Grade Underlayment & Premium Plywood Products

From the mill floor to your receiving door…we control the manufacturing and delivery process. Then we back it up with competitive pricing and a lifetime warranty. Ask for it by name: IntegraPly™

Integra Wood International produces and directly imports engineered hardwood plywood products, specializing in plywood flooring underlayment. Our experience in plywoods spans more than 40 years with more than 15 of those years focused on flooring components. Integra Wood is directly involved in, and oversees, every step of the production process, from ply sourcing to final delivery.

Integra Wood was born out of a need for consistent quality and reliable delivery of hardwood underlayment. Because of unreliable industry-wide underlayment quality standards, Integra Wood saw an opportunity to create better underlayment and plywood products.

Our products have been tested and recommended by Armstrong, Mannington & Tarkett. The Tile Council of North America has tested IntegraPly™ and classified it for “Extra Heavy” use for floor and wall ceramic tile.